What I have learned from the friends I have made

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She is a good student. She is good at English. She likes speaking in English. She always reports news in English in her school.

Tracy has a big famili,there are nine people in her family.They are her mother,her father,her brother sister,her uncle,her aunt,her grandparents ang her.She loves her family very much.

We will be good friends forever.

My good friend

My good friend is Mei. She’s a girl. She is my classmate.

I have a good friend.She is my classmate,her name is Tracy.She is a pretty girl.

Tracy often in a white T-shirt and a black skirt.We are all think shi is a lovely girl.And Tracy likes sports very much. She likes playing basketball,bassball,ping-pongball and badminton very much. So we are often play them.

My Good Friend

She says we are good friends. We often send e-mails to each other everyday. I like her very much.

I have a good friend. She is a pretty girl. She lives in Jiujiang. She is a middle school student. She has big eyes, a small mouth, a small nose and a round face. She is tall and thin. She likes watching TV and playing the basketball. On the weekend, she always plays basketball with her friends in the afternoon and watches TV in the evening.

A friend is someone who can let you feel warm when you are depressed. I have many friends. However I only have one best friend and it's XXX. He is the same age as me. He is taller than me. Basketball is his favourite sport. We are in the same class. He likes studying and is good at it, so he gets high marks. We learn from each other and help each other. He will help me if I ever get into troubles. So will I. I hope our friendship will last forever and ever.

Mei is tall and thin. She has two big eyes and long hair. She likes listening to music and reading books. Sometimes we listen to music together. She likes summer. Because she can swim in the summer holiday. She likes pink and white. She is in Class Four, Grade Six with me. She usually goes to school by motor cycle. Sometimes she goes to school on foot. We often go shopping together on the weekend.

She seems to have a special interest in music. Any time she hears the music, she will dance. Though she dances badly, she still loses herself in the music. I think she will be a dancer in the future. But she wants to be a writer.

My Good Friend

She studies in Tiandong No.2 Middle school,she is in Class 1,Grade 1.She studies hard all day.And she can speaks Japanese English and Chinese very well.So she often help my English and Japanese.I thank you for her help. And I help her math, too.Because my math is very good. We learn from each other and help each other.

My friend

This is my good friend. We feel happy when we are together. What about your good friend? Can you tell me something about your good friend?

My name is Michelle. In my class, there is a girl. She has a round face, a small nose, two big eyes, a small mouth and two big ears. Her eyes look like grapes. Her hair is short and black. She is tall and beautiful. She looks like a middle school student. Do you know who is she? Yes, she is Fanny, one of my good friends.

Fanny is a good girl at school. In class, she listens to her teachers carefully. She studies English very well. She often helps us to solve problems. She is very quiet, sometimes she is very active. When class is over, she goes out of the classroom to play games with her classmates. She is very friendly to them. She is a good girl at home, too. After supper, she always helps her mother clean the room. Then she watches TV for a short time if mother permits.

My Best Friend

A friend is a person who can let you feel warm when you are depressed.So I have many friends.But XXX is my best friend.He is as old as me.He taller than me.Basketball is his favorite sport.We are in the same class.He is good at study.So his study is very good.We learn from each other and help each other.He will help me if i got in trouble.I will help he as much as I can. I hope our friendship will forever and ever.